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country. everything from energy subsidies that they are dealing with, to massivees of that amounts of corruption that takes place in the country. those things have to be dealt with, and candidly, one of the roles of the imf is best that playing is being that mechanism that helps force those changes. without an outside forcing mechanism like that, it is unlikely we are going to -- that you great is going to be able to advance into the future in a productive way. it is going to take some strong leadership, and hope lee a unity government is put together that will represent multi-facets of the country. new effort of this to attach iran sanctions to the veterans bill, do you think that that is appropriate to do, the right thing to do? two of the main veterans groups have been against it. , the senate -- i have been here seven years now, as i mentioned earlier. the senate has been known to be in a death spiral. when you have a leader, and i have said the strictly to the office, when you totallyeader that is bent on ensuring there is no pay -- debate you're going to find people using all ki
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1